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November 29, 2013
Mature Content


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(Contains: sexual themes)
You sat on your couch playing dead space 2 with a curious Link next to you. Four months ago while playing Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, he just kind of popped out of the screen. Since then, you've had to pretty much teach him how things work in this world. You've been close friends ever since.

After finally getting bored of the game you've beat multiple times (even though the jump scares still got to you), you shut it off and plopped back on the couch next to Link. There was a moment of silence until a clap of thunder was heard. 'Not like I wanted to sleep tonight anyways..' You thought to yourself as you saw Link give out a big yawn.

You then yawned yourself and hummed in amusement "Time for bed?" Link gave a nod as he rubbed one of his eyes after he stood up from the couch. You stood and jumped slightly from another clash of thunder. Link saw you jump and tilted his head at you. You mentally awww'd at his confused face. "The thunder just disturbs me sometimes. Nothing to worry about" you said as you stretched and headed for the stairs that led up to all the bedrooms in the house. Link got the spare room of course.

He silently followed you up the stairs and waved goodnight to you as you went to your bedroom door and he passed you to go to his. You waved back tiredly as you opened the door and went inside.

~About 5 minutes later~

You laid in bed in your cozy blankets as you slowly began to fall asleep. A rumble of thunder woke you up immediately that made your eyes snap open and cause your body to jump out of your bed and right onto the floor. You groaned as you got back up and into bed once again. Just as you started closing your eyes, more thunder was heard as you sat up in bed annoyed.

You immediately closed your eyes as you faced your closet. You were only scared of the dark if you started thinking of bad things that could be lurking in the shadows. But your closet freaked you out no matter what you thought of at night. It was always pitch black inside and you have never touched it since you moved into this house.

As you thought of the closet, the bad thoughts started filling in with it and one bang of thunder was enough to send you straight for your door and out of bed. Your long pajama pants kept your legs warm but you only had a tank-top on your torso and your arms started to freeze as you made your way out of your door.

Your ran straight to Link's door and started knocking quickly. You lived alone before Link showed up, so you never had to worry about waking anyone with noise at night. But you normally also stayed up on nights with thunderstorms since you could never sleep through the loud noise.

You stopped knocking as a tired Link opened the door blinking at you slowly. Your face warmed up a bit as you realized he was only wearing his boxers that your friend got him for night time purposes instead of having to wear that whole tunic. He even had his hat off, which he took off at night. You reminded yourself of why you were there after a few moments of silence.

"Link, I know this sounds weird but can I sleep with you? I just have trouble sleeping with the thunder." He looked at you with a confused look, then nodded and opened the door wider. You walked in as he closed the door behind you and laid down on the bed and pulled the covers over yourself as he did the same a few moments later. "Night Link" you mumbled as you turned to face him as he laid on his back and closed his eyes.

A few silent moments later, you found yourself drifting to sleep until you were startled awake AGAIN by thunder. Your body jumped and landed on Link who was woken up from your sudden weight. You looked at him wide eyed as he stared back at you surprised. You whispered a sorry as another crack of thunder made you instinctively curl your arms and legs around his body.

Link chuckled at your movements and moved so that you were curled up to him by his side while he was still on his back with a arm around your waist. You blushed as you watched him rearrange your position and close his eyes. 'Of course something like this would happen with the guy I crush on." It's like you were being teased not being able to kiss him or tell him how you felt without fear of rejection.

You've liked Link before he popped out of your tv. Ever since you first played Majora's Mask, you were attracted to him. He's a hero, is friendly, and has the looks too. If you had enough confidence you would've told him by now but you were a big scaredy cat.

You got lost in your thoughts as you looked at his peaceful face. Not realizing what you were doing, you leaned in close to his face and have him a small peck on the lips. Your blush brightened as his eyes opened and he stared at you in a bit of shock. You both were paralyzed for a moment just staring at each other.

He then gave you a big smile and leaned in to your face and lightly kissed you. Your face was as red as a cherry by now and your eyes slowly closed. "HOLY SHIT THIS IS HAPPENING." You thought over and over as he suddenly rolled over so he was on top of you. Your mouth opened a little due to the unexpected movement and he took the opportunity to slide his tongue in. You wrapped your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist while he put both his arms around your waist.

After a few minutes of making out, you felt him tug at the top of your pj pants and slowly pulled them down until you had to unclasp your legs from his waist and remove them yourself.

After many minutes of French kissing and the removing of clothes, you both were bare naked rolling around in the sheets making out.

 Link suddenly rolled back on top of you and pulled his face back from yours making you whine from the sudden disconnection. He looked at you with worry in his eyes and asked "Do you wish to continue (name)?" Your eyes widened a little at hearing his voice since he rarely used it. You touched foreheads with him and sighed. "Of course I do Link. I've liked you forever now. I wouldn't mind going on at all." He smiled at your response. "As have I had feelings for you (name)."

Link slowly entered you, going deeper into you with each thrust. You didn't feel much pain due to how gentle he was being with you. Once his hips touched yours, he stayed still until you were ready. You squirmed alittle under his touch due to the new feeling, but stopped once it turned to one of pleasure.

"Haa~ can m-move now." He slowly started moving in and out while grunting quietly. Over time your nails started digging into his back and your legs slowly rewrapped themselves around his waist. "L-Link please..AHH..faster!" He gradually gained pace, eventually slamming his hips into yours while his hands held onto your love handles.

He gave grunts of pleasure while you screamed out his name and climaxing right before he did. Once the pleasure faded away, he slid out of you and laid down next to you while you two immediately cuddled together and fell asleep afterwards.

Link x Reader (Lemon)by Thatmomentwhen

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 Thatmomentwhen
Mature Content
I tried :P
I don't own anything but the story
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